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Zenola Connor

zenolaZenola is a truly remarkable woman.  If you have met her you will know what I mean.  Her bright enthusiasm for life, genuine interest in people and deep seated faith are all quite striking.  The second oldest of six children, raised in the tropical jungle village of Mud Hole, Zenola is a multi-generational Roatan islander.

During her growing up years she attended a one room Spanish speaking school of about 25 kids, placed in rows according to grade.  She learned English in Sunday school by reading the Bible.

Zenolas bookWith no electricity, TV or running water, her mornings began before dawn with several trips hauling 4 gallons of water uphill for cooking, then milking the cow, followed by cutting wood for the wood-fired breakfast stove.

Since there were no hospitals or pharmacies in those days, Zenola grew up watching her grandmother use the natural medicines for all manner of cuts, scrapes and diseases.  In her own words, “My grandmother learned me da remedies as time passed.”  In her own life, Zenola was rescued from severe seizures as an infant, using remedies from the bushes and plants around the island. To this day many of the island remedies are used island wide alongside the more modern medications and, arguably, to just as great effect.

Thank you so much for considering the purchase of this wonderful little book. You will have officially contributed to the well being of Roatan, and helped Zenola nourish her own family and the many in her community that she provides for on a daily basis!

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