Made In Roatan

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Susana Stampe

SusanaSusana was born and raised here in Roatan, in fact she is a third generation Islander who grew up where the airport runway is today.   There have been many changes on this island over the years but one thing remains; Susana is as creative now as she was as a child!!

She starting making things at the age of 8. There were no afterschool classes to learn crafts, so Susana is grateful for the people who came into her life and passed on the art of jewellery making. She learned macramé and the art of twisting wire from an Argentinean lady and how to make bracelets from a man from Chile. It brings her great joy to see someone wearing something that she has made.

You will notice that she uses coconut shells in her collection.  She sometimes buys them from people in prison who spend their hours cutting and sanding them down.   She feels good about helping them since it gives them extra money to buy food while they are serving time (yes, people in prison here often don’t get fed!).  

I asked her what the most amazing thing is that she ever made and she told me she made a beautiful hand embroidered bedspread which took her over a year to do.   Did she sell it?  No, she presented it as a gift to her mother, who in classic Roatan hospitality style gave it away to a lady who was visiting.  Please feel free to buy some of her work ... before her Mom gives it all away!!

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