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Rusty Fish

Adam Rusty FishWe are so happy to add recycled products to our online shop! I can still remember the first time we met Adam Hunt. It was the spring of 2009 and we were sitting out on the dock enjoying the evening breeze when he came along in a kayak with his sweet little daughter. We had such a wonderful chat together. We learned he was from Bristol, England and had been living in Roatan for a year or so.  He is a fantastic artist who enjoyed many different mediums for artistic expression.  I remember being impressed with his kind heart and gentle nature.

Now here it is a couple of years later and we are so thrilled to have Adam 'on board' with helping to support local people through his art. I asked him how he first came to decide to use scrap metal for his art and he told me there was a house that had burned down in French Harbour and there was lots of wood and metal laying on the beach.  He stood there thinking... “What can I do with that?”  It was such a shame to let it go to waste.

Well...he came up with a brilliant idea! Hire local people to collect recyclable scrap metal around the island and then teach island artisans to make beautiful saleable creations out of it. Well the idea literally took off and became what is now known internationally as “Rusty Fish”.

Adam says “We need to look after Roatan’s environment and with the way the economy is right now we need new employment opportunities”. Rusty Fish is recycling materials that are often seen as a liability, scrap metal, wood and plastics.  Seventeen people currently work and support their families through Rusty Fish. When asked about the workshop Adam replied, “I want to be able to provide an opportunity and a place to learn new skills for many more local people. And so he did!

Now at the entrance to a poverty ridden Spanish Colonia on the hillside in Sandy Bay there is an ever bustling shop where these wonderful products are hammered out, cut, primed, painted, glossed and finished for sale.


making fish1rusty fishcutting metal


Now it’s your turn to help, by purchasing these products and telling your friends to get some as well. Thank you everyone for your support.

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