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Pedro Alvarez

pedroPedro is our youngest, and a truly hard working artist!   The first time I met Pedro was not under good conditions.  I had gone to pay his father, Pedro senior, and saw this young boy sitting at the place in the market where his dad usually sat. I looked at him and said “Donde su papa?” (Where is your dad?) 

He replied, “Mi padre murio. (My father died.)

I felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach! My first thought was, “What can we do to help that family??!”  So the next cruise ship day I went and met his wife Wilma, gave her my condolences and asked if we could buy her some food.  That small act of kindness opened up a door for a friendship that continues to grow to this day.

I met Pedro Sr. on our first trip to Roatan. He had a little booth set up by ‘the View'. I fell in love with his delicate necklaces and bought one. On our next visit I bought an anklet. Once we started the shop I went looking for him and asked if we could help sell his jewellery. After Pedro’s death, we had only a few necklaces left, and soon there would be no more. There wasn't anyone else on the island making this special chain-link jewellery so I went to Wilma and asked if perhaps the boys could learn to do the same style their father had made. She said that they could try.  I am happy that both Pedro  has mastered it, with nothing but a pair of needle-nose pliers, and are continually developing the art of chain-link jewelry here on the Island!

Pedro is now in his last year of High School and he will be graduating this November 2016, When he is not in  school, he often comes to  the shop and makes custom products for our cruise ship guests! My heart is touched by this family and I love promoting their work! He is working so hard as sole provider for his family of 6 brothers and sisters while attending school, and I am so proud of him!!!  For more on Pedro see our blog:

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