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Joan Ebony & Madeline Dixon

Joan's Girls 1I first met Joan at a local public library opening up the road from where we live.   Now where you live it may be normal and common place to have a library but it was a big deal here on our island of Roatan.  I was impressed with her kind heart and her authentic loving heart.  She thanked us ‘for all we do for the island’. 

JoanShe told us about the kids that come to the main library in French Harbour every day, not only to do their homework but to have a safe place to be.  Joan is more than the head librarian there.  She is more like a community mother, and a very loving one.  Many of the ‘regulars’ at the library can’t afford to eat let alone get what they need to go to school.  It was at that point that we decided to help them out by purchasing black shoes for about a 100 children in that community.   She was tickled pink and gave us the warmest and most loving hug I have ever had.

That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with her.  In June 2011 our daughter Emily came to Roatan to be with us for a couple of months and to volunteer at the library to help organize the books and computerize the system.

Jaon And Girls Joans Girls Joans Girls 2  

It was through that time that we really got close to her and she feels like family now.  Joan works tirelessly at the library, and also takes care of her two mute siblings who live with her as well as her 3 beautiful daughters. She also provided care and housing for her sweet mother until she passed away in October 2011.

We pondered what we could do to help this dear family and Emily decided to teach them the art of making wire crochet jewelry.  I am happy to say that they have mastered it beautifully. Thanks for helping this wonderful family.  May your heart be blessed!

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