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Carolina Brooks

Carolina brooksCarolina was born in 1962 in La Ceiba, Honduras but has spent her whole life in Roatan. She is a true Islander. Her life has been one of pain, hardship and abuse. Carolina was raised by a grandmother who did not want her to become anything of worth and value. She was beaten for attending school and verbally abused on a daily basis. She had to overcome polio as a child and has faced enduring poverty her entire life.

This is a small excerpt from her book: “Tourists come to my island every day but they only see what the tour companies and the resorts want them to see. I will show you what happens beyond the tour bus and behind the resort walls. My life is pain. I have never known happiness for more than a moment.“

But Carolina has survived to this day due to a simple faith in God, the loving help of a few foreigners and a resolve not to let anyone or anything defeat her. This book is a product of her persistence to continue making a living for herself and her family. It is a “must read” for anyone who wants to understand the local culture for many people behind the all-inclusive resorts scattered throughout the Caribbean Islands.

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