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IMG 8444bNestled in amongst the roadside souvenir shops serving the cruise ship port of Coxen Hole is a unique little gift shop called "Made in Roatan". Everything is made right on the island by local artisans. Not only are the products unique and interesting, but it is a non-profit shop.

Bob and Debi Cowan first came to Roatan in 2005 for a holiday and fell in love with the people of this beautiful island. The poverty stirred their hearts and when God called them to serve here as missionaries they said YES!  After living on the island for about a year they were very burdened with the extreme poverty. Most people start each day at zero and just try to make it day by day.

20161215 154403 SmallOne day a local guy asked Bob to build a shop on his Mom's front yard and while building it the Lord gave Bob the idea to have only local stuff on consignment and MADE IN ROATAN was born!! Presently we have  26 families who benefit from selling their crafts: Jewelry, sea glass, hand-turned wood pens, wooden carvings, colorful paintings, embroidered bags, jade carved turtles, coffee bean jewelry!  So many beautiful things  to choose from. We love helping people to help themselves!!! The joy on their faces is evident as they move from the despair of poverty to hope!!!
The shop is located about 100 yards east of the cruise ship dock in Coxen Hole.  We are on the sea side just past Bertie's restaurant in a turquoise building. If you are coming from the mahogany bay port then you'd need to take a taxi.  Just tell them we are between Serrano's hardware store and the Port of Roatan. 

Come and see us on cruise ship days....every purchase helps feed a local family. We also accept donations of school supplies and jewelry supplies.  Thanks so much for putting love in action by helping end the cycle of poverty!  God bless you! 

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We Have Amazing Shipping Prices!
shippingDon't be scared of ordering! Our shipping rates are VERY REASONABLE In fact we can ship most 5-item jewellery orders for as little as $9

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