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How to shop this site

From the home page, select an artist by clicking either their name or picture - this will take you to the individual artist's page, where you can read their personal story and then shop the items they have for sale.  From this point, you can return to the home page to select another artist, or you can use the quick-menu at the top of the page and select an artist from the drop-down list to hop from one to another.


How to purchase an item

In the artist's shop, items are arranged alphabetically.  To see larger pictures of an item, click either the picture, the item title or the details button.  On this screen you will see only the single item you have selected and a larger main picture.  There may be additional pictures and views available too.  Click the larger picture to zoom in, and then click the forward or backward arrows in the image to move through the image gallery for that item.

If you like the item you have selected and want to add it to your cart, click the BUY button.  By default the quantity is filled in to 1, because most items are single unique items, and there is only one.  In the case of photographs, and Zenola's Remedy Book, you can enter a quantity up to 5 in the box - the system will tell you if you have entered too many or if sufficient quantity is not available, and will sell you only what it can.


How many items can I buy?

Because this site is geared around assisting the artists with individual small purchases, and none of these artists is able to produce commercial quantities of their work, and this is NOT a commercial jewely business by its very nature, and due to shipping restraints and customs issues, (wow that was a lot to say) we limit individual orders to 5 five items at a time.  This is the most we can safely ship in one padded envelope internationally.  You may make additional orders if you wish, but every 5 five items will be shipped separately, and in some cases, multiple items from one order may arrive in different packages due to weight and packing for the least amount of  possible upset in shipping.


Checking Out

When you have finished shopping and would like to check out, go to your shopping cart (see the bottom right corner of any page) and double check that all the items you selected are listed and in the correct quantities.  The check-out process is multi-step, but very simple to do.

  1. Check your cart for accuracy of items and quantity
  2. Click the CHECKOUT button below the cart total
  3. Fill in all blanks of the contact and shipping information form - Click NEXT
  4. At present the only payment option we have is PAYPAL, Click NEXT
  5. Choose your shipping method.  Prices are automatically calculated based on weight.
  6. Double check the complete order, all quantities, totals, shipping info, etc.
  7. Add any additional notes in the provided box. 
  8. CHECK the terms of service and returns policy checkbox
  9. Click the CONFIRM ORDER button.


At this point you will be transferred away from the Made In Roatan website to the PayPal processing Gateway.  You will complete the financial payment part of the order here in PayPal's secure processing area.  We never see any of your personal banking or credit card information, we only receive a confirmation that the payment was successfull or unsuccessful. 

When you have successfully completed the money transaction with PayPal, you will be returned to the Made In Roatan website and your credit card, Paypal account or bank account will be charged by Paypal for the amount of your order.  You will then receive several emails to confirm your order and your payment - Please keep this information for future reference or until your order arrives.


Downloadable Items:  E-Books, Desktop Photos, Etc.

We offer a few downloadable items on our site.  E-Books are a great way for an artist to maximize their funds, while still providing an excellent product to the consumer.  All downloadable items have a direct secret link URL that will come to you in your email invoice copy, once you complete the financial transaction.  Look next to or below the picture of each item in the invoice for the DOWNLOAD link.  Click this link and then same the file to your local computer.


Order processing and shipping

Orders are processed as they arrive by email.  Shipping from Roatan will happen once per week.  Depending on international carriers, customs and other circumstances, your order will take between 2 to 7 days via FedEx Courier and 1 to 3 weeks via standard parcel post services.  Please be patient.


Tracking a shipment

Not all orders are shipped with a tracking number, but some are depending upon where they are going.  If you feel your order is taking longer than expected to arrive, EMail us with your order number and we will look into the matter and contact you with an answer.  To date most orders to US have taken 5=9 days, to Canada 10-14 days.


Returns Policy

Due to the nature of this business, returns are difficult, however we want every customer to be happy that they received a quality product for taking the time to help the artists.  Please carefully review the description and pictures we provide for each item before you purchase.  Use the contact us form to ask any questions you might have, or to address any concerns BEFORE you purchase - we will be happy to assist you. If you are not completely satisfied with the product when it arrives, please CONTACT US right away, and we will do our best to make you happy.  Because most of the items are individually unique, replacement with an identical item is unlikely, but we will do our best.


Damage In Shipping

Every order will be packaged to provide against possible damage, but we are talking about International shipping, and in some cases as many as four handlers and three customs check points where packages may be opened, inspected and repackaged. While damage to jewellery items is improbably, it can in rare cases happen.


Obvious Damage

All shipments are insurred  for damage, BUT you play an important role in how that insurance works.  If you receive a package that looks to be damaged in any way - OPEN THE PACKAGE AT THE POST OFFICE IN FRONT OF THE COUNTER PERSON, or in the case of FedEx Courier OPEN THE PACKAGE WITH THE DRIVER PRESENT.  Inspect the goods, and if there is any damage you would like to claim, ASK FOR A DAMAGE CLAIMS FORM AND COMPLETE IT THERE WITH THE DELIVERY PERSON.  If a form is not available, oe there are any issues with making a claim, simply refuse to accept the shipment and have it returned.  Contact us immediately.  If you take the package home and then try to claim damage at a later date, it will be more difficult to make a claim.


Hidden Damage

If your package arrives in apparent good condition, but upon opening it at home you discover that something has been damaged, then you need to CONTACT US immediately so that we can start the damage claims process from our end.  We will need complete details of the damage and your order number from your invoice / packing slip.  Claiming hidden damage can take time, and will require information from both shipper and receiver.

We Have Amazing Shipping Prices!
shippingDon't be scared of ordering! Our shipping rates are VERY REASONABLE In fact we can ship most 5-item jewellery orders for as little as $9

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