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We are so happy you have taken time to visit us on-line.  Every dollar you spend here on jewelry and other handmade items goes directly to help support the artists and their families. Choose an artist below and click to read their personal story and to visit their individual shops to see the items they have for sale.

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Joan, Ebony & Madeline Dixon

Joan's Girls 1Crotcheted Bracelets & Beaded Jewellery


Joan and her daughters have learned to create beautiful hand crocheted bracelets, wrap local found seaglass, and make beautiful jewelry with handmade paper beads.


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Susana Stampe

SusanaCoconut jewelry


Susana is a very creative third generation Islander. Presently she is providing for her family by dabbling in carved coconut jewellery.

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Esther Johnson

EstherJBeaded Jewellery


Esther is a very talented young lady who loves to make earrings and long chunky necklaces. She specializes in stamped tin jewelry and will do custom orders



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Yourgin Levy

YourginTallHand Cut & Polished Jade


Yourgin is a true Islander, working hard to support his family by hand tooling some of the finest Jade jewelry you will ever see.


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Zenola Connor

zenolaHome Remedies Book


Zenola watched her grandmother use natural medicines for all manner of cuts, scrapes and diseases and has now published a home remedy book.


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Carolina Brooks

Carolina brooksREAL Island Life Book


Carolina Brooks has lived her whole life on Roatan. Hers is a story of pain, abuse and hardship, without the support of parents. But hers is also a story of survival thanks to a simple faith in God. Read her story and improve her life at the same time!


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RubeenBeaded & Seaglass Jewellery


Rubeen is a very bright young woman and loves making bracelets!  She works hard to make beautiful jewelry to support her very large family.  


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Pedro Alvarez

pedroHand tooled chain-link jewelry


Pedro was one of our youngest artists when we first started the shop. He learned the art of making hand tooled chain-link jewelry from his recently deceased father. Since that time he has worked very hard in and out of the shop making bracelets and and necklaces. He has recently starting making beautiful copper bracelets. He is so talented!



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Estrellita Connor


Coffee Bean Jewellery

Estrellita takes simple coffee beans, and painstakingly individually drills and strings each one into a beautiful creation. She is mother to six shilfdren, and the sole breadwinner in the family. 

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Rusty Fish

rusty fishRecycled Metal Art


Roatanian men and women, led by renowned artist Adam Hunt, produce beautifully colourful artwork using recycled metal products found around the island. 


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Bob & Debi Cowan

cowanBeaded Jewellery


Bob & Debi like to put their creative talents to work as well. It costs them about $40 per week for shop operations so your help in purchasing their crafts really helps them out!


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Stitches of Love

womens groupHand Sewn Items


Roatanian women are learning English as well as sewing skills, through donated equipment and materials. Most are the bread winners for their families, and some support extended families as well.


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